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August 31, 2016


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Great post and I really relate to this one! Everything you said about Siri is so true, she scares me. One day I asked her if she was really HAL (you know the HAL from 2001), her first response was I did not understand your question. So I asked her again, are you really HAL...response, "I'm sorry Diedre I'm afraid I cannot answer that question"...no freakin kidding, totally made me want to throw my phone as far as possible and run as far in the other direction as I could! Thanks again for sharing and confirming that I am not alone in my opinion of surly, scary Siri!

Love your stories!!!! Saludos!!!!


My daughter has a man Siri too. Maybe I should try that. I have a lot of fights with Siri. She doesn't understand me at all...or maybe she's just messing with me. I don't know how anyone ever arrived at their destination without navigation.
Miss you!

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