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December 11, 2015


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Great story, Happy New Year to you and Craig!

I have one at the office and at home. When I'm about to go on patrol, I announce in my most deep-throated, monotone, Darth-Vader-esque voice, "It's….the ….killing….time."

Using it is so satisfying. Enjoy!

Thank you for the laugh. I can totally relate to your disdain for the mosquito. I can only wish that money were as attracted to me as is the mercenary, flying, biting, blood sucking skeeters.
At least, here in Missouri, we get a reprieve from the vicious monsters during the fall and winter months. Alas, before we know it, the seasons will change and the evil beings will return.
Perhaps I should get myself a Weapon. Or maybe six. One for every room in the house, like my reading glasses. Based on your recommendation, it might be a worthy expenditure.

This cracked me up! I detest the overused text/email response LOL or lol, but if ever I was going to use it would be right now! The best part is I have one of these too! a gift from my grandson due to my bee sting allergies, so I fully understand your glee! Diedre

LOL, I found a zapper in the US on one of my visits. Don't know what I'd do without it! Mine runs on batteries tho. Living in Nuevo by the canal brings loads of the pesky mosquitos and like you, I am bait....they love me!

Thanks for sharing....lol

(My hubby and I used to run into you everywhere beginning in Todos Santos, do you remember)?

I feel much safer knowing that you are taking care of this problem! Very happy to hear about the ballet class too. Sounds like fun!

Hugs & Kisses

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