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November 16, 2015


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What a beautiful place San Pancho is! colorful, and full of life. I invite you all to check out http://www.casasanpancho.com a great option for anyone looking to visit our beautiful town.

SALUD! hope to talk with you soon....We hope you and Craig have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank you! not only are you an excellent creative writer and photo journalist, you are also a historian, tour guide, humorist, and spirit lifter! Thank you again my friend and please, write on! Diedre

Just read it in my tiny room in San Miguel. Thanks for all the suggestions. We have been wearing our down jackets up here but it is really beautiful!

I don't know Candice...I think Lizzy looks more like an Elizabeth. :) Loved the Sayulita zoo!!!

I love it .....Just because

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