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August 06, 2015


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Hi Candice, your narrative and photos from in the Boondocks brought a flood of memories, especially this time of year, of visits to my Grandparents farm. You made it possible for me to once again smell the fresh cut hay in the barn, the crops in the field, and the cows in the pasture. Along with hearing the sounds of my siblings and cousins running across the wooden floorboards of the back sleeping porch as we hurried into the house for dinner. I could even see all of us kids lined up on the large covered front porch drinking our rare and cherished treat, bottles of Dads Root Beer and Nee High Orange Soda!

The walking in Memphis post reminded me of years ago when my husband and I along with my sister and brother in law met B.B. King. He was sitting on the back porch of a music venue taking a break from a concert We were unable to get into the concert due to it (of course) being sold out! He had Lucille by his side and when we had built up the courage to walk up and say hello he asked if we were at the concert. When we told him we couldn't get in he invited us to sit down with him, picked up Lucille and sang 3 songs just for us. He was not only a great musician, but a gracious gentleman. I don't even remember what songs he sang but I do remember being awe struck by the fact that he was right there, playing and singing just for us!
Thank you for evoking those long forgotten but happy memories! Diedre

I want to hear Tony sing that song with his Doboro...Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues, in the middle of the pourin rain....

Just got back from beautiful Vancouver, BC. Never seen it so dry there!

Happy Trails....


It is, Dee. It's shaped like a wedge of sweet potato pie :-)
Great to hear from you, and from Ken and Leslie too.

Great tour guide you make, Candice! I've been a blues fan too, since my earliest teen years. Is that Sun Studio building as long and narrow as it looks? What an odd shape -- hardly room to turn around in there! Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels.

I need to get back to Memphis when I can devote more time. We had dinner then headed to Beale. 2nd bar my sister and niece retired back to room and I prowled all the bars. Saw some great sites and heard some great local bands. Although too short, great time!!!!

Thanks for visiting and sharing your insight Candice. I truly enjoy your writing.

The Hill
St. Louis

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