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May 30, 2015


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Wow! I guess you made up for lost time. I feel like I have been on a long and beautiful journey after reading that. I am glad that you will write when you are inspired. I always love to read your beautiful words and see the accompanying pictures. I especially love to hear of your life in San Pancho when I can't be there but I am looking forward to your next adventures in the north. WIshing you more wonderful adventures to write about. XXOO
Those are the coolest looking bananas ever!!! they don't look real! ...and very few are lucky enough to spot the ostrich cloud!!!

Thanks for posting, Candice! I'll look forward to more when you're so inspired. You are worth waiting for! Maria Lee

I loved the Mark Rothko-esque photo at the end of this week's blog. We are certainly blessed with spectacular visuals in this neck of the woods . . . meaning no disrespect to the photographer with the good eye!

How beautiful you write Candice. The photos are amazing. Love to you both! Judy Gerdes


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