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April 18, 2014


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"One of your best." Cele would have loved it. Miss her too...

simply lovely in every way...

You are loved

Forgive if I am commenting too much but neglected to say a few words on Eileen's suggestions about the imperatives of love.

I am reminded of the idea of W.H. Auden about this matter: "If love is to be unequal, let me be the one who loves more." I am of that sentiment.

Yet, I am quite certain he did not mean by that 100% on one side and 0% on the other side was acceptable.

It is about giving love and receiving love in return. I do not believe that is an unselfish expectation. To not expect anything in return for giving love seems completely unrealistic to me.

Our sympathies go out to the family and loved ones of Cele Ferner Hahn who was obviously a highly valued member of the San Pancho community and to the loss of those her knew her. I wish I could have known her.

Yes, upon the departure of a close friend, we reflect upon the meaning of our own life on this earth we all share.

I like your look at reflections, Candice, from close up in your immediate environment.

My mother, who lived to the age of 95, often told me in her later years that our environment grows ever smaller and closer as we age. I am finding that to be the case yet at the same time find myself wanting to expand my world.

I find myself gazing over the Texas Hill Country twenty miles distant from my home perch thinking, "Is that all there is?" when it is so beautiful here and I am so thankful to be spending my later years in such a wonderful place. Yet, as a Pisces, I have dreamed of being near the sea all my life it seems. Alas, we are landlocked here in Wimberley.

We reflect, on the loss of someone important to us, on what is important in our living and what is not important--and are required to make judgments about our own future.

I am so hoping I can join your wonderful community of San Pancho, if only for a brief time, before passing on to life's next adventure.

I thank you for your wonderful and helpful reflective comments on this blog which inspire us all.


yes, human love is rife with want. The "wants" you mention are poetic and kind, of a compassionate and connected sort. Many a sweet soul would want to experience that type of love.

ET, talks of having spiritual experiences, of his words being only a guide that point in a direction that may lead to a personal experience. Love as a spiritual experience happens through us, is a constant that we tap into. It does not want, as it is complete. It is just Love. To have an experience of that love is beyond words. I see no conflict in the want of loved ones to be fulfilled, or for them to know love, or to be loved and the pure experience of "wantless love". They are reflections of an ever present love we all share.

Just some thoughts on a sleepy saturday, smiles, Kyle.


Thanks so much for these reflections and kind words for Cele. She has left me, and many others, with some wonderful memories. Believe me, I shall not want.


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