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November 28, 2013


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Beautiful Candice - thank you.

Dear Candice:

For the last 15 years or so I have awakened and gone outside and looked up at the beautiful Texas sky which is similar to Tuscany topography and say, "Thank-you god (with a little g) for another day" and then "Help me to think positively."

I am thinking, presumptively, you may do something similar.

Love your positive living thoughts!


John l

Dear Candice:

I'm so happy you can express my feelings about Thanksgiving which I share with so many of my friends. I have forwarded your comments to them via email.

I am hoping I can get my amigos to San Pancho from Rhode Island and Georgia one day. They all have been there for our one hour trip from PV.


John l

Wow, what a beautifully-written piece! Wonderful insights and reminders for everyone. Gratitude can certainly be its own 'religion'. thank you.

I wrote down a list of gratitude today and, of course, your name was on it.
Love you girl!

So beautifully said Candice...love to you this day and thank you for the years of heartfelt friendship. xoxo

that was so powerful, and easily made me cry... as did the photo and quote from someone who should be still among us... Thanks Candice... i am happy to be back in your blog world

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