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November 15, 2013


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oh, the parallels with Mexico; what fun. this post of yours seems to summarize the high points of your travel experience: the history, the living things, the colors, and the FOOD...so many discoveries. now what's for breakfast? xo

That's a possibility, Jackson. Interestingly, in Roman times Julius Caesar's engineer Vitrivius warned against using lead in aqueducts as he knew it was poisonous. Another possibility is that, since both tomatoes and potatoes (potato being the food imported into Europe from the New World that took the longest time to gain acceptance) belong to the nightshade family, and are both poisonous to horses, there was an assumption that the same was true for humans. Actually, some medical literature suggests that some people are quite sensitive to the alkaloids in nightshade foods...which also include many hot peppers and eggplant!

The pictures from your trip are awesome ! My understanding is that the pots Europeans cooked with and the plates they ate from had high lead content and the tomato with its acidic nature caused lead to leech out and cause lead poisoning .

Indeed, who could ask for anything more. I love the similarities...perhaps it was your Sicilian blood that found it's way to it's likeness in Mexico...wonderful things happen when you follow your heart...

I read your blog and I am so impressed ....Not only do you write very well, you are a great photographer !!! thank you for I would not know what the land of my ancestors looks like if it wasn't for your blog ..mil gracias mi amora .....


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