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October 10, 2013


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So the oddest thing happened last night.
I met Jeremy's Uncle Scott, who is visiting San Pancho with Jeremy's dad, Mark, and we sat and chatted for a time. Jeremy encouraged me to tell my Rome story about Stairway to Heaven and the Parthenon.
When I finished, Uncle Scott said, "The Parthenon is in Athens. The Pantheon is in Rome." So we all got to arguing with him about it.
This morning I looked it up, just in case. And Uncle Scott was correct. I wrote Parthenon in the blog post. It's actually Pantheon. I've already made the corrections to the post and also, just to be tidy, to all the comments sent in by my dear friends and readers, none of whom noticed the error either.
This morning I'm having humble pie with my tea.
Thanks, Scott. You Smartypants you.

Luscious flower shot. Laughed my head off. What is this place? In the States it would be cordoned off and cost mucho pesos to enter.

I loved Rome and I've said many times that I WILL go back. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Wow some of those pics are truly amazing. I am waiting with baited breath for the five hour slide show. Dibs on a front row seat!

...and of course, here it comes. Is there any way we can Photoshop Travis away in general???

I love the Pantheon! I hope you went inside. It is so beautiful and of course it is the final resting place if Raphael, although I doubt he gets much rest with all those tourists milling around. I love Rome....but I'm glad you're back home. Can't wait to see you!

All I can say is thanks for taking us along with you! Seems like you had the adventure of a lifetime. Can't wait to hear more stories. And heck...what's 2000 photos on a blog? I say...Bring 'Em On!

Jajajajaja! "It's the Pantheon." You might want to photoshop that flower cart. Not pretty enough.

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