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September 05, 2013


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Love it!! Boop would be proud!

Great food photos - which I love! (As you probably may remember from our Bucerias trip a long time ago!). And I agree with Char - those raspberries look wonderfully delicious!

That sushi place should go out of business!!! That's the nicest thing I could say without a lot of 4 letter words!

Oddly enough--and I'm sure you'll appreciate this, Char--that dessert was actually breakfast. When I saw it in the case in the restaurant and ordered it at 11 a.m., it was just a big bowl of giant raspberries. When the waiter brought it out, it was festooned with whipped cream and cookies. Hey, what could I do? I ate it.

Good for you for not leaving until you told them! I like the looks of the dessert just before the sushi pic....which I think must be the raspberries at the end too. Keep on eating!

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