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September 23, 2013


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What an incredible evening you had. You should've introduced yourself to her as the Queen of San Pancho (although some may fight you for that title). Now hold it. You wrote this article a week ago. I'm a bit behind. Now...what's this about visiting another island? Sounds very intriguing. :) OK...it's time for you to come home. But I've had so much fun with you on this adventure! Thanks for sharing!!!

It was just your camera telling you to enjoy the experience without the distance of the looking glass. There are many things that cannot be seen through the eye of a camera. As always,I will follow your observations of your beautiful world and hope that someday soon I will be a part of it...

I (thought) I posted several nights ago but it's not here - don't know what happened.

What a time for your batteries to go dead - I know you were very disappointed!

Jeanne: I sent you an email at the duke address regarding your other comment. Didn't you get it? Email me when you have a chance. xo C

Keep rocking the blog, you will always be my Queen Candice.

My vote's with Fred....

Fret not fair Lady and buy a second battery.

That Pau is such a dear!!! I heard she'd received my message but I had no idea she was going to put on a concert for you. What a sweetheart!!!

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