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August 26, 2013


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OMG, I loved this! I love the picture of you and the Auntie and all the famiglia...I love that you are in Assisi...You are not alone at all...and I am with you! Thanks for taking us! xoxo


I love the pictures of Assisi, architecturally, culturally, romantically, sure anyone would want to spend a lifetime there for a day. And all that glorious food, you make us all so jealous.

He still thinks you are traveling alone. Told you he never checks his statements.

You are so dead on, Travis. I've been pondering the same a lot. Of course there are those moments that one wants to share immediately...but this blog and emails to/from friends have eased that. Meanwhile, the freedom of following my nose and my intuitions is divine, and those interactions you understand so well are the very reason I am traveling the way I am in Italy.
I will surely have more to say about this in a future post!
Grazie, il mio amico.

Great piece! This made me think about why I LOVE traveling alone. When you're traveling alone, you have zero distractions from your traveling companion and/or partner. You have a heightened sense of curiosity and are led only by your most sincere interests. And at the same time, the human appetite for social interaction breaks down any and all fears or barriers that might otherwise exist (not that YOU have any). When I'm traveling solo, I have no choice but to put myself out there. And good things almost always come from that. What a family you met!

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