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August 15, 2013


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loving this journey with you...you are in one of my favorite cities...isn't life grand!

How wonderful to be able to travel vicariously through your blog. Loving hearing about the people and the wine and food. Waiting anxiously for more. LOVE YOU!

Love it, great storytelling and photos. Almost puts us there!

What would I do without you? You brighten my life, Candice. . . Siena is a favorite of mine as well as Amalfi coast (don't miss that ride from Amalfi to Sorrento). I didn't much take to Capri, but really enjoyed Sicily. What a country. You can't run out of beauties to see in Italy. I do look forward to all your reports and pictures. You are such a fine photographer.

I love, love, love Italy and look forward to your posts and pictures! Enjoy all the food, people and scenery. I'm jealous.

Chin up, dear. Maybe your next stop will have some decent scenery.



That was delicious! Thanks for sharing, the pictures and the stories are delightful. I love Italy and it seems that Italy loves you! Be careful, they will try to feed you to death!

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