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August 21, 2013


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Yeah the food pics/stories have pushed me over the edge. So I broke down and bought my ticket!! I will see you in five days so we can enjoy the rest of this journey together. At first I felt bad about using Travis's credit card, but when you told me how you use it all the time (he never checks his statements) I felt much better about having him foot the bill. Get your dancing shoes on because I am on my way!

Thanks for sharing another wonderful slice of your life. I have never gone to an agroturismo so this is a side that I have never seen.

Good morning! Mom and I are enjoying your travel experiences and pictures. We have a Grand daughter on a Medical mission in Africa that is also doing a blog, so it lets us travel over our morning mocha! :-)

"Exaggerate the movement, the pronunciation."

My wonderful Spanish teacher, Gabriel, studied Italian in Tuscany for six months. Today in class we were talking about your adventure and I unleashed my pseudo-Italian pronunciation of "Montepulciano". It was enormous. Shook the planet. And he was impressed, or maybe frightened.

The food shots are killing me. Actually the whole thing is killing me! I'm so happy for you, but at the same time, completely jealous. So, on that note, do please tell us more about that German family. 8-P

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