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June 07, 2013


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Candice, I'm writing to you from Santa Fe where we are going to an exhibit of very old Japanese kites at the Folk Art Museum tomorrow, then joining a friend for sushi later on. Wouldn't it be fun to have Jeremy in tow? And YOU! I will be in touch with you all summer via email, sending the local "chismes" and wishing you a wonderful journey. Take lots of photos and notes, please, so we can enjoy the journey with you over and over again when you get home.

Love to you . . .

Everything is coming together quickly for you! Have a wonderful trip to the NW - and a fabulous time in Italy!! I can't wait to read about your adventures!!

Safe travels!


...that took me a moment or two.

Oh, you, so clever.

I had hoped to see you once more before you left.

You will have a wonderful summer. I will be following you.


Candice....!!!! you are off on an adventure! keep safe and send us stories.. I have missed you, but here i am again and i am so thrilled for you and the things you will see, hear and do.. viia con amore!

safe journeys....can't wait to see you! xo

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