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May 24, 2013


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One of my favorite games as a child was to walk around the house and our backyard with a mirror in my hands, only looking at the mirror. It gave the the coolest feeling of walking over the ceiling, dramatically stepping over door frames and light fixtures, hanging from the branch of a tree like a bat.

Love the photos! A different perspective is always an eye opener, isnt it?

There was a lady who lived in a house -- an upside down house in San Pancho. When she stood on her head, new light was shed, and the view from down there was amazing. Thanks for this...always and ever about perspective. Eileen


Wonderful exercise, Candice. I really liked the crucifix, which I initially took to be stretched low across the floor, so it would trip people and send them over the edge.

Howdy, Travis! We have one dog who seems fascinated to stare at me upside down, as she lays on her back on the floor. Are you writing?


loved it....always good to get another perspective...I remember as a kid, lying on my back and pretending I could walk on the ceiling..thanks for bringing it back....xo

I wish I was that limber!

Thanks for that. I've always wondered what the world looked like to a dog rolling around on the floor, upside-down and sideways.

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