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May 17, 2013


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Wow, Tom, that's some valuable info. I'm just beginning to climb this learning slope and appreciate your trail blazing. Thanks! C

Fun process. I am interested in GPS also, but not for the purpose of getting somewhere. I would set it up to keep track of my steps and later, look at the trail I had made.

And speaking of where you have been... you might want to turn on location services for photos you take with your iPad. Some cameras have this feature and you will probably take most of your photos with a better camera. But for ones you take with the iPad, you can look at them later and see on a map, exactly where they were taken. Also, you can look at a map and see pins dropped all over the place where you took photos, touch on a location, and see all your photos at that point, even if taken at different times... ah h h, its a wonderful world.

And your scans of your documents... send them to yourself in email, open the email and save the attachments in your photo library. I often do that sort of thing with maps... even as close by as Puerto Vallarta. If I go in and want to find an out of the way shop, I first locate it on Google Maps, take a screen shot, then email it to myself, save it into photos, and in that way, I can look at it later, without having to be on line using data.

Happy Trails

A big part of a trip is the planning...so keep on enjoying the ride!

You 're going to have an amazing trip. Today Drew got back from hockey playoffs and he used his miles to get me a flight to Paris. YIPPIE!!!. Too bad we won't be going at the same time. It would be fun to meet you someplace wonderful. I can't bear the thought of not seeing you till Fall!

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