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April 19, 2013


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Hi Dee! The polo field down the hill from me is not a regulation size field. It's smaller and is used for exhibitions and fun tournaments. As far as I know now, it will continue being used for same even when the new fields (which are regulation size) are ready. We'll see!

And thanks for your kind comments, Tricia! Nice to hear from you. It is a lot of fun looking for those everyday photographic moments...

It's always fun to see new pics and read about San Pancho and even Sayulita! Especially in the middle of another of an unending series of Minnesota snowstorms. Candice, why are they putting in a new polo field? Have they sold the old one to a developer or ??? Doesn't seem like San Pancho is big enough to support two fields. Hope you don't lose your grand view of the polo matches!

You have such a talent in capturing ordinary moments and showing how extraordinary they really can be. Beautiful pics. I really love the building photo with the giant duct of some sort winding up the side with the mariachi business and others . And those flowers! Wow! Dr. suess indeed ;)

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