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April 26, 2013


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Its been a while since I have checked on your blog, so do enjoy it and this one hit a special note with me. The friendships we make in our seasonal abodes are true 'veins of gold'. Some return every year, some stay in touch, some don't, but when someone that we have not seen in years shows up unexpected, what a Joy to reminisce (thats part of growing older)!

Happy travels this summer, I will look for great things from Italy!

Wow Candice, I am so excited for you! Italy, can't wait to go with you through your stories...and I better see you when you make it to Seattle! xo

Beautiful post! And so true!

I was lucky enough to go to Italy about 20 years ago. My "bosses" at work allowed me to join them for a trip to Rome for a hyperthermia meeting. All paid by the department. After that we took extra time and went to Florence for 3 days.

I had a wonderful time!!! It was gorgeous - just stunning. I've wanted to go back ever since.

I am so jealous and look forward to your stories from there!

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