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February 01, 2013


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the structure APPARENTLY is the remains of the old silver mine's warehouse of sorts.... why it iwas all terraced intrigued me though and i am. not sure i "get" how this was a warehouse... seems a bit elaborate. I will ask the experts some more questions... and report back. GG

Look what I found on you tube !
"Mina de los elefantes de guanajuato"
Enter this and see what comes up .
I could not get this structure out of my mind .
Looks like I have to go on a road trip now .
The history of Spanish silver is fascinating .

Great idea, Jackson! I'll look into it over the next few days.

No, Dee, we didn't talk with anyone about the castle and got nowhere asking about the other ruins. Still a mystery...

And Gretchen, regarding your question about the material the crosses are made of: I believe I was told once it's the inner leaf of a cactus. Very commonly used in those parts to make these crosses, along with marigolds sometimes. I have some more photos from San Miguel I'll publish this week of similar constructions.

Thanks, all.

If possible could you pin where this magnificent structure is on google earth for all to see exactly where you found it ?

Fascinating! The ruins and cemetery are very thought provoking. Did you have a chance to speak to the locals and ask if they had any verbal history of who built the gothic looking towers and ruins?

That structure is amazing - it looks almost like a fortress of some kind.

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