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November 02, 2012


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Oh, how I miss being there! I will have to settle for living vicariously through your blog posts. Thank you!

What fun to read about one of our favorite cities. There were a lot of good memories brought back by this post. Thanks. It sounds like you had a fine adventure, as usual.

FINALLY, I retired from 44 years of being a teacher! I can now do my fiber art and travel at least between Idaho and Sacramento. I will take a week and catch up with all your adventures. So far the flowers are too beautiful for words. I have maintained an internet relationship with three of my hispanic students who go in and out of Mexico yearly. I love and miss your energy.

I particularly liked the toilet outside one of those places, and I too would like to know more about the levitator... was there any clue to the secret of levatation? Or should we not know. The musicians.... what an ear feast for you... you are a lucky woman for sure!

A Levitator?!??!!!

You have the most interesting adventures! That alter is gorgeous!

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