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November 16, 2012


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I too would like to see the cute boots..... And ants..... Boric acid w/peanut butter for the protein lover ants and boric acid and jam for the sugar living ants. AND have too much fun with your special guest!!! Life is good!

Oh how I love to travel with you via blogging!!!! ( I put lots of explanation marks, my Grand-daughter calls them 'gustos') you make me feel like I have been there!!!

I can just see you dancing around in circles waiting for your special guest LOL!!! You two have a wonderful winter embracing in your neat relationship! Of course I will look forward to blogs of your adventures.

HugsJeanie from the owl house

Love this post!!! Candice you are amazing!

So glad you were able to visit with your son - the place you stayed sounds perfect. I'll have to try the Trader Joe's tea. I have one about 10-15 minutes from my house.

And I totally agree about the Ghirardelli chocolate chips. All their products are great. If you want to be lazy - and no one could tell - their brownie mix is wonderful! Really good. I've gotten it at Costco - and I know their's one near Bucerias from past shopping adventures!

Yes, I can guess who's coming! For how long? Have a wonderful time!

And happy holidays to you too friend.

Want to post a photo of your cool boots?

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