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October 05, 2012


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What a vivid delightful description of the festivities, even without the pictures, you make their festivities sound so inviting.
As RB has let you know we have at last returned to the 'owl house' and I'm sooo glad to be here! Big Thanks to you for the neat things I found upon my return, luv them. I do have a card with all of the Zuni Fetish meanings, just have to find it!!!!
Tonight all 3 bunnies were out chomping on their food block, but they are not sure about the new sounds & smells coming from the porch, they were sitting up in their haunches, white bellies showing, ears twitching, noses sniffing ready to get out of there if they felt threatened. They are so cute!
So far have not seen any of the snakes RB was seeing before we came home, so hope they were just traveling thru.
After reading your take on the Schwans Man I signed up so he will deliver his goodies to us.
Luv your blog!
Hugs Jeanie from the 'owl house'

WOW! What a spectacular show, and your photos were great! To do that kind of a show, San Miguel had to raise quite a bit of money, as those fireworks are VERY expensive. Did you get any photos of the OSHA officials? No? Wonder why? I'm sure they all get run right out of town because pyrotechnics are just TOO MUCH FUN, and Mexicans are into taking any chance necessary for a good time. Viva Mexico!

Beautiful!! I can just imagine the noise! Great shots!

Wow - great photography! You really captured the essence of sound and light bursting through the darkness.

You certainly can NOT cite Mexico for not taking full advantage of spectacular displays of terrifying fire gizmos. My GAWD they put on a show! pretty well overwhelming... at least you had the foresight to rest up prior to the drama! AMAZING!

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