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September 07, 2012


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Lovely to see........ I guess years ago there were not so many plastic things to wash up on beaches.... sad place we have reached...... we need to all help in our own little ways, for one leaving the excess packaging behind at stores to make someone aware of the fact there is TOO much. thanks again Candice for reminding us of what the young people are so aware of now... our excess plastic mess! "the sins of the fathers"....

What a huge mess! Kudos to all the volunteers - that's hard work!

What will be done with all the driftwood, etc. that was washed ashore?

Wasn't it? You know, this is a fairly new concept here in Mexico, this picking up of litter and recycling and all. Fifteen or so years ago it wouldn't have happened. Now the streets of San Pancho have garbage and recycling containers every few blocks, and the newer generations are learning to care better for their environment.

What a beautiful community effort!

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