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August 15, 2012


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I remember your mother, from those bygone days of Xmas gatherings, and am glad she went quickly, with beloved children by her side. . . I follow all your postings and live vicariously from them. Candice, you are such a damn good writer and I feel SO fortunate to have access to them.

I think Queenie was a one in a million and thank you for sharing her lovely spirit with those of us who never had the chance to meet her. You can tell she will be swooping in for a visit now and again, so keep the tables set and a log on the fire in the dream space for her to pop in occasionally to keep her eye on her beautiful family. Abrazos Candice.

Blessings to you, Greg, your sister and sweet Nina. I will blow a kiss to the stars tonight.

Love -

Have been savoring all of your blog as I have yet to visit San Pancho. Am planning to come down in September.(Attempting a move to the area, as you have done.)

What a treasure, your Mom being able to leave the body with that simplicity and having you all connecting with her the last week. I, too, blow a kiss toward Prescott from just over the mountain in Sedona.

I would love to meet you and if you would like to spend an afternoon in the red rocks, please contact me.
Blessings as you are with your family.

Blew a kiss to heaven and one in the direction of Arizona! Really wishing I could see you and give you a big hug.

That photo of the gorgeous Nina and beautiful Allison is perfection. Kisses sent skyward.

I blew her a kiss, and one for you, too. It would be nice if you could find a gold nugget this time that's a little larger than a piece of glitter! Although if there are people who can write your name on a grain of rice, I'm sure they can encapsulate your "nugget" in one of those bottles, too, and it will appear to be as big as a ring on the finger of Elizabeth Taylor! And like the Navajo say, it is "the going" that is the reward, not necessarily the end result. But, still, a honkin' nugget would be quite a good opening for table conversation at Thanksgiving. Love to you . . .

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