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August 24, 2012


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OMG - this is so amazing! She did have amazing powers and a fanatical love of the Mariners. She must be having an absolute blast up there in the clouds!

After I spoke at the reception Leslie told me that I failed to say something about Nina and the Mariners. It was so fun (especially in 2001 . . . 116 wins) to be out in the yard or on the back deck and hear Nina whooping it up. Especially if it was a tense game and there was a great play Nina would let us know! Usually when I was outside I would listen to the game on the radio . . . Nina would let me know when to go inside and watch the replay.

I was glad Nina adopted the Mariners and was loyal. The past 8-9 years only a true baseball fan would follow the Mariners. I'm glad Nina was a fan. Misery loves company.

I just grin every time the Mariners win now....and I told the little boys who was helping all these amazing wins...they just looked at me in awe. Do you remember when she and Boop were in love with Joey Cora?...'oh he is so cute'...Keep it up Nina! We miss you!

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