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August 31, 2012


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And bananas are a natural diuretic. How about making your own version of chunky monkey ice cream? Yum. In fact I've seen a copy cat recipe online if you want me to send it to you! And banana pudding - double yum.

And give them away to friends. Maybe Greg can come up with a banana dessert for his restaurant. I think a good banana pudding recipe along with his BBQ would be perfect. Very southern!

Have you tried faux ice cream made of bananas? Saw this recipe in our local paper, but haven't tried it. http://www.bemidjipioneer.com/content/we-all-scream-faux-ice-cream

Now to figure out how to grow blueberries down there.

And aren't YOU a smartypants, Ms Gretchen!!
Been eating a lot of bananas lately yourself?

In that case Monkeys must be darned smart!

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