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July 20, 2012


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Candice I appreciate so very much your blogs, really made
me miss the owl house, even tho we have a lovely place to spend summers, here we see the eagles & osprey over the lake, deer w/fawns in the meadow.

Here we use Schwans, Jon likes the root beer bars, we seldom have bought from Ken, but I think we will have to use his service instead of so much Costco next winter. I end up giving a lot away that we have not consumed.

Thanks for your blog, Jeanie

Oh, wow. Fantastic.

Excellent idea, Judith! Scratch 'N' Sniff buttons! The biscuits baking in the oven, the bacon sizzling in the pan, the pies...
On second thought, maybe not.

What a surprise! In all the years that we have been staying with Scott and Teri in Tucson, we have had many visits by their Schwan's representative. They are sold on the food and the service. I'm sure, unknowingly, we have also eaten quite a few of the Schwan's offerings . . . though I am RELIGIOUSLY staying away from all their desserts. I love to look through their catalog and wish they would just add Scratch N' Sniff "buttons" so I can smell the goodies, even though I cannot eat them. I'm impressed by the miles the drivers put in and the rural areas they serve. I, too, hope they make it to San Pancho soon! Maybe they'll follow along as soon as we get a Trader Joe's!

And Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island as well as Ajijic!!!!!! These are the little things in life that make you smile and connect people!

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