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June 01, 2012


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I see stardust and New Mexico hues.... how completely wonderful for such a beautiful giving lady... You will have us all plotting our sites on the sunny deserts of NM and Arizona. Great name, "crossover"... I'd go with the simple translation... just a means of crossing over... and you certainly are among those who do it well... Happy Hues...

Well of course Santa Fe looks like Mexico . . . that's why the Spanish called it "New Mexico!" And they have been kicking themselves ever since for having let it go! Seriously, I eagerly await your impressions and photos of the trip from Santa Fe to Taos and further on to Richard's. I'm so eager to go myself . . . poco y poco we are getting the art packed and readied. I, on the other hand, AM going to eat red chili enchiladas at Tomasita's come hell or high water!!!

Safe travels to you . . . hope you are having a wonderful adventure!!!

Santa Fe is on my to visit list!

Sounds like you are having a ball! If you have time when you're in Phoenix check out Sylvia's restaurant - her tamales are fabulous!!! So good I order them to be shipped here.


Scott and Carin - my friends you met in Sept. - live in Scottsdale. Have been there twice and hope to again maybe this year.

Have fun!

Sounds wonderful...I love Santa Fe...would go there in a minute..and doesn't "Slow Low" just invite you to relax! What a great name! What can I say, sounds like another great adventure...know you'll enjoy it! xo

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