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May 25, 2012


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SO good to hear your travel plans came through and Bud Butted Out. I was watching that storm before my computer went down and thinking what a HUGE thing it was... and suddenly POOF it was gone. I LOVE your sinking sun pictures, in spite of the lack of an ecliptical look they are gorgeous shots. By the way, we, up here, have some rain to share if need be..... more than HAPPY to send it your way!

you think in an expanding universe Iguanas were once much bigger relative to their surroundings. Maybe they just did not expand with the rest.

Wonderful that you are able to get out! Safe travels!

I have been watching this storm like crazy. Thank Dios it looks like it's slowing down. Stay safe and as dry as possible but the path that water makes is always sacred. The land is rejoycing.

traveling mercies, amiga...or stay-at-home mercies; whichever mercies are required, let them be yours. xo

Well, good luck! C U soon I hope.. xoxo

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