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May 04, 2012


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I do love this story. Just learned it for the first time when we drove past the smoking giant the other day. He does seem a bit angry recently, doesnt he?!

You tell the story very well, love the personal touches. Especially about the pedicures and whipersnappers ;)

Hi Candice,
You deserve the Thanks for putting together such a readable as well as interesting and fun blog. I may not always comment, usually because I am blown away by all your experiences, but I so appreciate them. I get transported while reading them. Sure do miss you. Next time you are in Seattle let me know so we can get together for, oh I don't know, Marguerita's or some such concoction. Love you.

If I had to choose between history and histrionics...I would imagine I'm more partial to histrionics myself. :)

WOW, what a tale, and told so eloquently!! Strangely my walking companions and I were just talking this morning about Popocatépetl and its possible relationship to the most recent quakes in Mexico and then I came home and read the tale...(spooky) I would have grasped my history lessons so much better had you been my teacher... I LOVE your friday presentations.

Very nice Candice! Your talents amaze me!

Well, that was fun reading! Especially liked "pure as a soap bubble"....and love the pics! May have to tell this tale to the grandchildren! have a great weekend! xoxo

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