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May 11, 2012


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Up here, in the spring, the local indigenous medicine men glue feathers all over themselves and a staff and go off into the deep forest to entice the Spring Spirits. And you were frittering away time having lunch with Judith...
THAT was the best of stories, You have reminded us all of something each of us have done that was equally cuckoo!!!

LOL,, My washer experience is not as dramatic as a washer full of feathers, but the repairman found a very large 'rats nest' built under the washer, it had also chewed wires, he said it was a wonder it worked at all, got it all cleaned up and left. I put a load in and it refused to spin with a load, so I have a call in for him to come back and see if we can salvage it, Darn Rats!
Jeanie from Az

I'm sure if you read the "Care" instructions, it would've said DRY CLEAN ONLY. :) Thanks for laugh-out-loud episode, Lucy!

Sorry Candice! But that is hilarious! What a mess! Thanks for the tip about not washing feather pillows in the washing machine!

Sounds like a nightmare to me....how is the art project coming? Maybe you could do something with feathers!

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