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April 06, 2012


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He does have a good eye, Jeanne. For example, he noticed and took the photo of which you speak: actually one of the old carved wood doors...with peeling layers of old red, blue, and turquoise paint!!

Beautiful! I've been wanting to see new photos of your beautiful casa. These are excellent! Several things shown that I missed on my visit in Sept. - photo 17 - the wood carving with what looks like inlaid coral, lapis and another stone - don't think it's turquoise but may be - beautiful but I don't remember seeing it. Your friend has a good eye!

Well, of course, Gretchen--it's the Easter Chicken!

WAIT A MINUTE...... who IS that little visitor appearing on your lawn that Dinah is peeking down at?

The lushness of the greenery, the stunning views, the beautiful decor...and love the doors! Beautiful pics! Thanks. and Happy Birthday Ramsey!

What an amazing camera eye John has. And all the little special touches at Casa Luz de Luna have not been missed. Beautiful to look at. She is "aging" well.

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