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March 16, 2012


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I was ready to move to San Sebastian the first time I visited! I loved that home with the 3 casitas, and an extra room for a little cappuccino bar. But of course, I also loved Talpa. And I loved...

Thanks for sharing San Sebastian with us again!

San Sebastian looks beautiful and the restaurant sounds wonderful!!!

Montebello is not to be missed. I visited San Sebastian three times before eating there....and now would not even consider a trip without enjoying one (or more!) of their fine meals served in a jewel of a setting by gracious talented people. gracias for the memories....xo

I hate hearing about people eating at Montebello who aren't me.

Lovely, send some of that sun up North would you please!

Such a beautiful town and some amazing pictures, I would love to steal one to attempt a painting? Can hardly wait to hear about the fort... Mexico is so full of fascinating stories.

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