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March 23, 2012


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Hi Candice, I came across your blog while doing some research- (My maternal grandmother's family was from San Sebastian and surrounding areas) Enjoying your stories and the beautiful photos, I'll be back to read more. Hope all is well- take care.

Wonderful post! And beautiful area.

Those steps would have freaked me out though!

Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful pics and another great post...thanks.

fasinating and beautiful...thanks for the tour. xo

Thanks, Franny and Gretchen. I know Gretchen has her eye on a few of last week's photos to use for paintings (you go, gurl) and I do like my photo of the old pot on the grounds of the fort. Trouble is, there's so darn much to paint here that my file of photos keeps growing! Poco a poco...

You know I always enjoy the photos that accompany your writing. There are several in this batch that are calling to become paintings. In fact a few I was certain were paintings. What a treasure. Gracias, amiga.

SO very very interesting.... what a flowered past this country has, and we know so little! Those buildings are wonderful... always in a search for gold and precious metals... is this not the same story throughout the world, on the Niger to Timbuktu..South America, the Canadian Cariboo, Alaska and they leave the most wondrous legacies behind for people like you to discover and share and bring alive again. THANKS! GG

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