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February 10, 2012


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Thank you so much for this blog post and the beautiful photos. I couldn't agree more with everything you've written. It's also nice to read a blog from our area!

Beautifully written. Thank you for this perspective!

It still amazes me how people react whenever we tell them we are going to Mexico and that we are (shock!)actually going to drive while we are there. We have been to Akumal on the Caribbean side, to La Manzanilla (drove from Puerto Vallarta) and are soon headed to San Pancho. We have always felt safe and the people everywhere have been very friendly. As the last person above said, the hardest part is deciding where to drive to! Laylee

I was so happy to read your post today, as just before reading it I saw/read a news article warning US travelers to stay away from Mexico due to "Mounting Mexican drug violence" including the State of Nayarit. We have traveled to Mexico a few times in the last several years and each time have had a great experience and thankfully have not encountered any problems. Last Feb we drove from Puerto Vallarta to La Manzanilla and never felt like we were in harms way. In 3 weeks we will return to PV and drive to San Pancho! We are looking forward to yet another trip and once again enjoying all the beauty and joys of Mexico. Karen

the hardest and worst part about travel in Mexico is trying to decide where to go. I would like to be a large dividing cell so I could go all four directions at once. Very timely and wonderful look at this amazing country and the fact that it is so worth a visit. Just be a wise traveler! No matter which country you visit!

Oysters?!??!!! You can't eat oysters in Mexico. It's not safe.

P.S. Jeremy: I know.

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