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February 17, 2012


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Michael! How incredible and joyful to hear from you! (This, my good readers, is the cellist I've told you about in the Guanajuato posts.) I've thought about that moment in Guanajuato so many times. I'll be back soon and will certainly find you. Thanks for your music, and thanks for being in touch! xo Candice

Michael Severens, cellist, at your service. Also proud owner of Bar Zilch, on the second floor in the Jardin Union. I believe one of the pictures you took was from one of my balconies.
I believe it was at the Capellina Restaurant where you heard me play. I am a friend of a woman named Betsy, too!
Come back soon!
Michael (not principal cellist in the orchestra, but right behind him!)

I loved this report so much we are sending my daughter and her partner to Guanajuato in March. Eventually we will get there too. Thanks for reminding us of just one of the amazing jewels of Mexico.

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