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February 03, 2012


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Happy (late) birthday! I admire and look up to women like you, and hope I one day I am as interesting and "non-invisible" as you are.

Happy Birthday Candice! Remembering the birthday celebration we had in Bucerias for you and Jerry - what fun times. So much has happened since then - not the least is fulfilling your dream of building your beautifully stunning casa.

Happy Birthday Candice! Hope it's a wonderful year! I've also noticed the invisibility effect here in the U.S. It's always shocking and refreshing when I'm in Mexico and some local guy tosses me a little bit of flirting! : )

feliz cumpleanos, amiga.
but then you certainly know how to celebrate every day!

awww Candice..... Feliz Cumpleanos... MUCHO MACHO MACHA buena cumpleanos....... You are among the youngest elven creatures I have ever met... your heart is so young... you make us feel young...

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