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January 27, 2012


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Permission denied. I do enjoy reading this blog not only for the abilty to travel vicariously through Mexico, but there is no better forum to take pot shots at that Travis. The score stands at 10 to 3 and he is going to have a tough time catching up if the frequency of entries become truncated. Sorry little buddy, I am fighting for your dignity here. Love you Candice and all you have created here. Happy year 2!!!!

well, ok .....go be goofy....sounds like fun to me...makes me smile just to think about it...


I loved this blog. It reminds all of us that we are just here for a short time and that we need to be both practical, faithful, ducks-INA-row... or flippant, unpredictable and scatterbrained. If we pop in on a Friday and find you missing, we can smile, because we know you are just out there somewhere having fun, playing hookey and being absent. It will make it a little game of Russian Roulette, or I should say, Candice Roulette... diviƩrtase con su vida Candice and we will remember to do the same!
gracias a usted

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