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January 20, 2012


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The thing about the internet is: it is the catalyst that spawned real freedom of speech. Oh we probably said what we thought in days-of-yore but there was always a red pen lurking in the background to obliterate a word or two, or to cut out our tongues. The internet has allowed a certain amount of anonymity in execution and it has also facilitated a great deal of platforms for storing what we feel the need to say, accumulate or share. No money changes hands… giving is free, taking is free. I think “THEY” have finally noticed that THEY are losing out on a goldmine and have indicated they wish to enter and control. We DO need to do whatever we can to keep our thoughts, our words, our knowledge and our little blogs free for as long as we can. I can hardly imagine for how long, but so far it is free… something like our Magicjack Phone which amazes me… and SKYPE. Let’s do what we can to keep Big Brother out of the playing field. Thanks Wikipedia for initiating the first play, and to Candice for reminding us of what we have and what we don’t need to lose.

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