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December 16, 2011


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OK....2 weeks since I've been able to read the blog. Congratulations Greg! Looks superb! Looking forward to visiting and eating someday soon! Now about that guy on the cymbals Candice! OMG!

Whats up for Xmas? Is Nina coming?


Wow. Wonderful article, baby sister! It HAS been a dream come true, for a fact. When pigs fly, miracles WILL happen. Thank you to Candice for her unrelenting enthusiasm and support. Thank you all for giving me the chance to make a life-long dream come true!

¡Felicidades, Greg! And big congrats to everyone who helped get The Pig off the ground! Really look forward to enjoying good food and good times underneath Delilah's wings...and thanks especially for reminding me that pigs can fly. ¡Saludos!

All I can do is GASP.... what a wonderful, dream come true, make it work, pig fairy tale come true... It will be famous... not hard to predict that! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone.

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