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December 09, 2011


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How fun for you to help the children create those little masterpieces. And talk about getting back more than you give! Hearing about Jeremy's progress and how he's now aspiring to 5th-grade-level work must make you feel very proud. Congrats!

Always appreciate when someone gives back to the community. It looks like a wonderful art project for the kids to dive into. I am insprired and have started on my own luminary that will fit perfectly over Travis's head! Merry Christmas.

what a great project and also maybe even a better way to learn spanish than in a classroom!!! I seem to do so much better with my feeble espanol when I am with kids because they don't look at you as tho' you have failed yet another attempt at communicating! And what marvelous glue and paper luminerias. I think Candice had the best time of the whole lot "franny" !!! You just fit in that little town like a key in a keyhole. Great Christmas presents! and great memories for a bunch of kids!

Now there is a fabulous addition to your holiday celebrations, Candice. Who had more fun, you or those kiddos? And that was a great plug for e-a, which I often refer to as the heartbeat of San Pancho.

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