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November 04, 2011


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The best part of the childrens' costumes were not even planned . . . the toothless smiles that had a goulish look with all the other face paint. And, your photos of the cemetary really surprised me. In all the years I have lived down here, I have never seen many people clean up the graves or decorate for Days of the Dead. What a nice thing to be happening now, after all these years! Sorry I missed the festivities!

My favorite part of your blog was your explanation of the pronounciation of Celtic words!!!!
We were very impressed with the respect the Day of the Dead was given, both for the little children and the friends and family who have moved on to the other side. And your photos of the little Halloweeners... priceless!
THANKS for a little history lesson too... I am never disappointed when I come here on Fridays! Gracias amiga!

Love the idea of the altars - great photos of the children.

How wonderful.....

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