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November 18, 2011


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You were a whirlwind of activity! And amazingly efficient! Glad you got everything done - not my idea of a fun day!

whew...I am exhausted just reading of your day. that was amazing. now I can go take a siesta, right?

I'll be expecting a photo shot in my Christmas card! Happy Thanksgiving dear friend...will Nina be there?

There must be a huge bunker, somewhere in Mexico that secretly hides mountains and mountains of stapled, checked, and collated reams of forms. I swear ours alone would fill one of the smaller caves!... and we are not even permanent!
It is always great to hear someone elses exploits with forms, and I must say I am rather envious of the strangely uncommon short length of time it took to complete your quota!! You could do with a medal for Mexican efficiency!

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