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October 21, 2011


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love it! I never noticed this! kudos to your Mom!! cute.

HA HA........ and I found two more with our mexican dinner ....

Si caes siete veces, levantate ocho

You fall seven times and get up eight


Si un hombre tiene hambre no le des un pez, ensenale a pescar.

If a man is hungry do not give him a fish, teach him TO fish.

thank you Queenie for noticing something we have seen so often but have not noticed!

We can tell you are related to Candice!

Wonderful, Tom. And for those non-Spanish speakers out there, the literal meaning is "flies don't enter a closed mouth". Good one, and glad you enjoy these dichos like I do!

Mexican fortune candy. Love that Nina discovered it!


So long ago I can't remember I learned this:
En boca cerrada, no entran moscas. In English: A wise head keeps a closed mouth.

I have imagined becoming a sort of multilingual idiot savant, like Chauncey Gardener, spouting from a cache of such Spanish sayings.

Now I know where to look for the source. Usher.

Love it. Thanks

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