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October 14, 2011


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Here on the east coast I read that it had hit Manzanillo with a lot of rain and some flooding.

Living here in hurricane alley - the storms are always built up to be very threatening - some times warranted, sometimes not. My sister got a foot of water in half of her house with Hurricane Irene - just a couple of months ago. Lots and lots of damage all around the Pamlico River and the Outer Bank - wind and water damage. I live 120 miles from there and we were told it could be bad up here - it wasn't at all. But parts of the coast sure got hit.

You never can tell with hurricanes - best to tune in to a good weather channel for accurate info.

Glad everything was fine there!

I had heard that all was not as reported on the so called "news" and was happy to know you were safe and sound. I'm not sure exactly when the drama started in the inaccurate reporting of the news, but I do know it is now much worse than ever before. The first rule of journalism 101 has always been: If it bleads, it leads...., but lately, every damned thing reported on is spewing out blood like a really bad horror movie!
And once again I just want to thank you for your great reporting, photos, humor, insight, and, yea, the return of Ms. Tracy!

Thank you, thank you thank you.... I thought there was some odd reporting when the hurricane had past and there were no aftermath pictures.... they were HOPING it would hit directly in the heart of PV, HOPING it would be a catagory 10, HOPING there would be devastation and chaos and when it did not occur they just moved on to a blinding car crash on a highway in Brazil, or a strange case of missing fish swimming up a particular tributary of a unknown river. Twas ever thus, and I am so happy your lovely tin lights were safe, as was the entire town of San Pancho.... SOME reporters should be replanted in Lebanon.

So happy that everyone is safe!!!!!!

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