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September 16, 2011


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What a wonderful festival to take part in. The beauty of these creations is exacerbated by the looming sense of tragedy that seems to be omnipresent. Some of the creators of these pieces of artwork might find joy in experiencing flight if only there was an alternate source of hot air. TRAVIS, can you help us out here?
(yeah I said it)

excellent job, my Dad Francis Hopper use to be the FIRE marshall back in the 60's

Very impressive creations! What fun that must have been!

What a treat to travel through a day in Ajijic and to discover something so "delightful"...... something just for fun and short term fun at that! I love this, it reminded me of the exquisitly beautiful sandwork the Buddhas do, only to be raked over. For the love of the moment. Yet another Mexican Moment to make you smile.......... :) Can you hardly believe how lucky you are to have discovered this magical place?

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