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August 26, 2011


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For once I am happy I do not know what that large plant is that grows so well in my back yard... I look at it daily and wonder what the heck it could be.. everyone tries to label it, but it turns out they are all wrong. I look at it with a child's innocent eyes, the ones you speak of. I am so glad to have read your blog today, because I really don't want to categorize my plant, I want it to be a puzzle because, as you said, once we solve something, name it, we move on and pass it by. I just LOVE startling revelations, it was a nice gift to receive today in the midst of names and categories. Thank you Candice you always manage to trump the last blog!... :0

Words cannot express how much I am enjoying your blog. I wait greedily for Friday to live in San Pancho vicariously through you.

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