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August 05, 2011


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what a wonderful place to discover.... I had not heard of this little water explosion until your blog.. The colours truly are incredible, and the life on the canal seems a world all of its own... wouldn't it be fun to kayak these waters.... WOW!


The first thing I did this morning was indulge myself in this delicious feast of color and culture. Your blog is starting to be an addiction to me!


What fun! Gorgeous photos too! I would have loved to be there!

Great blog post about what sounds like such a wonderful day. We've cruised around Xochimilco one afternoon, but it sounds like you had a livelier time than we did!

I live in Mazatlán, (we are also from Seattle) and are friends with Cristina and Judy too! I have to thank Cristina for tweeting about your post.

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