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August 12, 2011


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Hi Candice super really nice article I love Mexico City!!! and a I like you so much kisses and Hugs...


Can't add much to all the great responses already here. it was a great adventure. thanks for taking us with you. I too loved the taxis, the dogs the dresses and especially the beautiful Rafaela.

I have just completed reading your Mexico City journal in its entirety. I have said similar things to you before and at the risk of being repetitive, you are one very talented women! I loved the insight, the history, the intrigue, the shopping, the art, the witch, especially the witch, the taxis and taxi drivers, and every single photo, legally taken or not! I loved it all and really do feel as though I was there by your side, every step of the way. It was almost as though I could smell and taste the food and beverage, and hear the conversations and sounds of the city and its environs.
Your talent is so unique. It is the same talent found in the actor who wraps you up in the character because they become the character and they make you forget you are watching an actor. The same gift as the musician who has the ability to become one with their instrument, an extension of the essence of their soul, the same blessing bestowed upon the singer who tells the story by singing their song through living it and not just performing it. You tell the story allowing the reader to feel that they are actually seeing it all through your eyes, feeling it, every moment, every discovery, every encounter, every detail with your joy, delight, sense of humor, awe and unique energy. All of that my friend is a very rare gift and I thank you for sharing it with me and all who are fortunate enough to be invited to take part and travel with you.
What you create and how you impart it is so right on! So please, write on! And again, thank you!

Kudos to the author of this post. What a wonderful description of Mexico City. This article is so in detail and reviews the city from almost every angle. Thanks for sharing this information with everyone. I also blog about Mexico, retirement in Mexico to be exact, on www.retireinnayarit.com. I hope you'll check it out. In the meantime, I will be following your blog! Best, Rick

I enjoyed your openess to the great things Mexico City has to offer ... and the fun photos, too. Thank you for your post and que viva México!!

Speechless...... this particular blog leaves me completely speechless. You made me feel as though I have crossed a line, entered a new acceptance.... I just love Rafaela. I truly believe we all meet a Rafaela at least once in our lifetime and to recognize her before you even met... amazing! AND THOSE DRESSES.. the ones with the entire mural on their skirts... VIVA Mexico!

Thanks for helping to correct the terrible impression so many people have of Mexico City. I've lived here for 10 years and love it!

Sandy, it was amazing to me to watch the dog training sessions in Parque México, a block from our apartment. I couldn't get enough of it. Every breed imaginable, purebred and mutt, learning to behave. The trainers were all young men and they knew their stuff, often working with a dozen or more dogs at a time. Then you'd see dogs being walked by their owners later, patient at street corners, heeling and coming at the tiniest command whether on or off leash. I like to see that--I think dogs love to have a job to do--and of course so much safer in a city with crazy traffic, many people and other dogs. There's also a big play area for the dogs featuring a pond where the retrievers (and others) swam and fetched and cooled off for hours. Very different approach to dog-rearing than we're used to up north.

Jeanne, the green bubble cars are pedicabs! Cute, huh?

This was by far your most interesting blog (to me). My favorite part was the sign that says "Snob," since we are the champions of finding good sinage here south of the border. I could not take a photo of my favorite on my ride back yesterday . . . because there are so many scary, machine-gun-outfitted guards at the toll plazas who may have misinterpreted my intentions with a photo . . . but high up over the cashier was a sign that was posted by the bank that collects the money for the tolls: it said BAN BRAS! Only we hippies would get it, but I chuckled and wished so that I could put it into our photo archive! We are home again. See you later on today. Is it safe to appear at Panchito's tonight? Last night looked way too children-infested!

Lovely adventure as always ! Loved the "witch".

It's clear to see that, unlike most in the Norte end of this hemisphere, the "art/skill" of properly training the family dog is still alive & well in the D.F. & extremely well displayed in that photo ! Thanks, Sandy ;-)

Qué padre, mi amiga. And you know what I love about you? I remember when I told you about the opportunity to go and it took you all of about ten seconds to say, "Yes!!!" To the next one...

Love the post Candice!! Just beautiful! Rafaela sounds like a very wise woman. Someone you'll always remember.

Are those little green vehicles motorcycle taxis?

Oh - and nice looking dude! :) We need a photo of you all dressed up to match him! Must of been a big night!

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